About Us

PorkoYum is the e-commerce subsidiary of PorkMoney that completes the business cycle. At PorkoYum, end-users will be able to procure the chopped, processed and packaged pig produce and by-products. PorkoYum is the next step on the carousel that bridges the gap of the industrial processing of the mature pigs and their end-products for the consumer. Here, you can make order for a variety of pig produce, namely:Bacon and Sausages. This is just our starter products; you can trust PorkoYum to introduce more sumptuous products in coming quarters. We also have different payment methods. Shoppers will be able to pay cash on delivery or with POS, prepay with debit/credit card or make bank transfers.

Food Safety

Porkoyum is produced under highly safe and hygienic conditions. All production staffs are always clean shaven and keep very clean and short fingernails. Personal hygiene is also taken into serious consideration as this is the first key step to food handling and safety. Protective covering is also provided for production staff. All body parts are covered properly to avoid contamination (hair nets, nose masks, hand gloves, overalls). Our machines are cleaned daily, pre and post production with food grade detergents and hot water.  We place very high importance on this also and various critical control point checks are done by the Quality Control officers.

For our raw materials, they are sourced from the best vendors of the most reputable pedigree.  All raw materials used in producing Porkoyum products undergo various laboratory tests (please note however that we do not have a lab on site). We ensure that the pig used are healthy. We also ensure that its drug residue level is at an acceptable value so drugs taken by animals do not get into the human system in harmful doses. Our production room is kept at acceptable temperature so that our meat doesn’t get contaminated during production and our cold room is always on.