Divergent Enterprises Directs Employees to Work from Home

Divergent Enterprises Directs Employees to Work from Home

COVID-19:Divergent Employees Work From Home

Divergent Enterprises is the parent company of agriculture companies, Porkmoney, Porkoyum and Landlagos, a real estate business. With over 100 employees, working from different locations around Lagos, the entity’s employees, like most other Nigerians, are exposed to the possibility of contracting the COVID-19 when commuting to and from work. One employee who contracts the virus could put the entire company’s population and operations at risk.

For this reason, Muyiwa Folorunso, believes it is better to be safe than to be sorry. The company immediately drew up plans to ensure that employees remain productive while working from the safety of their individual homes. Hand sanitisers and surgical masks were also distributed company-wide. Employees were encouraged to continue to follow the news on happenings related to the pandemic and to follow only the official channels of information dissemination to stay up-to-date.

This stay-at-home directive is in line with the social distancing procedure that is one of the global standards for limiting the spread of the virus, also called flattening the curve. A phrase that describes the rise of cases as represented on a graph. When the curve flattens, it indicates a drop in the rate of new cases.

The directive also keys into the advisory from the Lagos State government for private companies and other institutions to ensure that there are fewer than 25 people in any gathering at any time. Divergent has, therefore, proved itself a responsible corporate citizen.

Muyiwa folorunso directs employees to work from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19


Porkoyum factory and Porkmoney Ranch operations will continue to run at a reduced scale without compromising our health, safety, and environmental standards. This is to ensure that our products are available to customers as they self-isolate. The products can be purchased on our website as well as in food stores.

Divergent implores its staff to stay safe at all costs and hopes that this phase will pass as quickly as possible so that life can return to normal for everyone.

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