Introducing… Porkoyum Pork Cubes + Recipes!

Introducing… Porkoyum Pork Cubes + Recipes!


We are super excited to introduce the Porkoyum Pork Cubes in addition to our Porkoyum Sausages and Porkoyum Bacon! You can now purchase your Porkoyum Pork Cubes , made from freshly cut pig loins for a quick meal. The pork cubes are in bite-sized pieces, they cook fast,  and can be used in a variety of stews, stir-fries and other dishes. Pork cubes are cut from the loin which is the leanest part of the pig.

Here are a few recipes for the Porkoyum pork cubes


Our pork cubes are perfect for crispy pork stirfry. Easy to cook in less than 10 minutes with vegetables and of course, the pork cubes. The best part of this dish is how fresh and healthy it is. It’s full of assorted vegetables and pork that’s been seared just right. The vegetables go into the pan to cook, and then when they’re ready, the pork goes in.


Using regular beef, chicken or turkey gets boring! However, you can switch it up with some Porkoyum pork cubes. The Porkoyum Pork cubes are readily available, so you don’t have to bother about cutting. Just wash, spice it up and boil. The pork stew is easy to make and a much healthier option for red meat.


Two of our favourite things in the world in one plate “Pork” and “Dodo”. You can never go wrong with this combination. All you need is a pack of our yummy Porkoyum Pork Cubes, diced into smaller quantities and tossed with a vegetable mixture and freshly friend dodo! All you need for Christmas is the Porkododo.


What’s better that beef suya at night? Homemade Pork Suya! It’s pretty easy to make one off these. All you need is a pack of our Porkoyum Pork Cubes, fried and tossed in pepper for an exhilarating experience. Easy to prepare within 30 minutes and served as a finger food.

These are some meals you can make with the  Porkpyum Pork Cubes. Check out some others on our Instagram page @Porkoyum.


You can now purchase our Products – Porkoyum Sausage, Porkoyum Bacon and the Porkoyum Pork cubes in stores near you and by calling 08158092612, 09090851028.


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