Porkoyum Sausage


K calories/100g 114.86
Total fat 22.60%
Saturated fat (mg/100g) 1428
Cholesterol mg 66.0
Sodium mg/100g 69.12
Total carbohydrate 0g 10.82%
Protein 36.58%
Iron mg/100g 2.97

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1. The pork is kept in the cold room so it can be chilled and all blood can be drained.

2. The chilled pork is then deboned (this process is done until not one single bone is found in the meat and sausage parts are removed (sausage can be gotten from the whole pork and also pork trimmings i.e little pieces of pork that was cut off during deboning and cutting).

3. We then mix the deboned meat and trimmings with spices and grind them (using the meat grinder).

4. The grinded pork is then filled into casings (we at Porkoyum use natural casings) and the we cut into desired sizes.

5. The sausages are packed and seal and we store them frozen.

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