Porkoyum Pork Cubes


K calories/100g 114.86
Total fat 23.9%
Saturated fat (mg/100g) 1362
Cholesterol mg 66.0
Sodium mg/100g 63.25
Total carbohydrate 0g 11.11%
Protein 34.46%
Iron mg/100g 2.97

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1. The pork is kept in the cold room so it can be chilled and all blood can be drained.

2. The chilled pork is then deboned and we extract the parts that we need for producing bacon.

3. The extract is then soaked in the bacon condiments for at least 24hrs so that the condiments can penetrate into the meat (we also inject the meat with the condiments).

4. We take the soaked meat back to the cold room to allow it chill and stay, then we slice (using the meat slicer machine) into desired sizes and packages and seal.

There, you have your PORKOYUM PORK CUBES.


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