Top 5 Porkoyum Recipes Adesua Loves

Top 5 Porkoyum Recipes Adesua Loves

If like me you’ve watched the video of Bankole Wellington (aka Banky W) cooking in the kitchen, you’d say that his wife, Adesua, is a stickler for delicious food. Banky had sliced onions, peppered shrimps, green pepper and more ingredients just for his own Spaghetti Delicacy.

And since good manners are never far from home, we weren’t surprised to find out that Adesua is a foodie also. In this article, we countdown Adesua’s favourite Porkoyum Sausage and Bacon Recipes.



It’s a popular slogan that Yoruba’s (an ethnic group in Nigeria) can bathe in pepper because of their love for pepper and spicy food. But Adesua is Edo and though she’s married to a Yoruba man, it seems she does have an affinity for spicy, peppery food.


The Spicy Oriental Fried Rice Recipe is created using; parsley, sliced onions, rosemary, thyme, rice, stock cubes, chilli peppers, mixed veggies, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, turmeric, salt, and sea salt.


You can watch the video in preparing this spicy delicacy below.


For the love of fried rice, we are throwing back to when our chef cooked this delicious meal. Salivating already??Order our gourmet quality Porkoyum Sausages and Porkoyum Bacon to make yours.—-Order online, send a DM or call 08158092612Porkoyum Sausage N1500/ 280grams/PackPorkoyum Bacon N1800/ 220grams/Pack

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Being fit and eating foods low in fat has become a fad, and a quite acceptable one. But we do need fat, it is a nutrient and it’s the excess of it that’s not good. The Hot Italian Porkoyum Sausage Sandwich, carefully balances the scale when it comes to being a healthy snack and most importantly, it has a lovely flavour with such seasonings like scotch bonnet, garlic, porkoyum sausage etc.





Bacon contains less fat than other parts of the pork meat. This especially makes it a favourite staple meat of Adesua’s. The Coconut Rice with Porkoyum Bacon is not only sweet, it has that slightly sour sweet taste arising from its coconut milk, garlic and paprika combinations. The result is not only great to look at but also sweet. This is a food recipe that’s perfect for curing bored taste buds, it’s different, it’s unique, it tastes good.




Porkoyum Bacon, oil, onion, garlic, tomatoes, turmeric, stock cubes, oregano, couscous, butter, spring onions, porkoyum bacon, paprika are the ingredients that make up this Mediterranean inspired recipe. With oregano (good for the skin, hair) and the spice, turmeric, the Porkoyum Bacon Jollof Couscous is spicy, delicious, and tasty.


Treat yourself to some great food like this Porkoyum Bacon jollof cous cous. Every spoon is a pleasure…To order, visit our website,, send a DM or call 08158092612. Porkoyum Sausages- N1500/280grams/packPorkoyum Bacon- N1800/220grams/pack..#porkoyum #yumexperience #yum #instayum #instafood #foodgram #foodie

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I’m sure you’ve seen Adesua hold a Porkoyum Sausage and Bacon, you see that smile on her face, it’s the smile of satisfaction and food love. Adesua loves Porkoyum Sausage and Bacon and this recipe is one of her personal favorites. This recipe is made with Porkoyum Sausage, Porkoyum Bacon, sliced onions, green bell pepper, noodles water, noodles, carrot, and scotch bonnet.



All these recipes were carefully created with the Porkoyum Bacon and Porkoyum Sausage and are the Top 5 Porkoyum Recipes Adesua Loves.



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